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2014 San Diego Comic-Con Entertainment Weekly Portraits

Just thinking about Chris’s hand on the back of Chris’s head. Sigh ~


New print for Japan Expo 2014!!! Find me at the “Ziggies On Mars" booth! We’ll get a plan soon.
It’ll be up on my shop as soon as I’m back from the con.
I wanted to try a new way of colouring and keeping my black shading which i just love doing. So, drew my Big Blond & Beautiful duo!

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Chris is having a Chris crisis. A Chrisis. 

I hope we don’t mind Mr. Pratt squeezing in!

Thundershield Thorsday Drabbles

Happy Thorsday everyone! I haven’t submitted my last few drabbles here so here are four for you to enjoy. They’re not beta’d. 

                      Sleepy Thorsday

They hadn’t got out of bed all day. This Thorsday was a lazy one. However the sex was anything but lazy. They talked and hugged, they lay there content and entangled. It was perfect.    

Thor couldn’t sleep. 

He watched Steve dream instead. Thor watched in adoration at every quiet breath Steve made, every twitch and jerk of his limbs and the adorable expressions on his face. Steve was so peaceful.    

Thor didn’t want this day to end. He wanted to stay with Steve in his embrace forever.

The villains of Midgard wouldn’t let it be so. Neither would the media.


                       No Comment

“So it’s true about you and Thor?”

The smash of a glass and a bellowing cry of “Another!” sounded in the distance, followed by some hearty laughter.  The photographers and reporters weren’t interested in the Avenger’s celebrations. They wanted the Captain to tell them the rumours were true.

So what if they were?

Steve Rogers didn’t blush or scowl. He wasn’t embarrassed. He was the hero the elderly remembered from their childhood and the hero everyone now idolizes.  Steve just smiled a genuine smile and shrugged his shoulders.

 “No comment.”

Steve had to smile when they all went absolutely nuts. 

           We are the Champions


He had a nice voice. No one could deny that after hearing Thor sing during meals and other celebrations of his day.  The Avengers had been stunned when Thor first belted out the battle song whilst waving his mug of beer about, but they were impressed.

Steve felt overwhelmed when Thor sung. Steve loved him even more for that voice and could have listened to Thor sing all night.

Thor singing this song was a shock though.

“Freddie would have approved.”  Tony said after Thor crushed them all in a hug.

Steve grinned.


They were the champions alright.


                      Bendy Thorsday


Steve wasn’t wrecking the punch bags or on the treadmill this time.

It made sense. The things he could make his body do, the flips and turns, his perfect balance, the way he could bend and contort?  

Thor watched Steve backflip across the gym floor up onto the parallel bars and twist his body in ways that seemed impossible. Steve finished the display with a perfect landing, stretching arms and body as straight as possible…. sweat dripping over his naked torso.

“So… bendy.”  

Thor growled.

“Happy Thorsday to you too, Thor.”

It was Thursday? 

Thor smiled.

Of course it was.


Thundershield - Hammer Brother

I’ll do it better than this. :)

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