ThunderShield anyone?

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Look what the amazing thacmis has done for me! Some beautifully muscly Thundershield! The line-art is amazing on its own but the colour, wow!

The boys disrobing after a mission and an AFL AU. I’ve had to make it a bit small, hopefully it’s alright for my first photo post.

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Thor Swap gift for video-nerd: ThunderShield
featuring lines by W.S. Merwin

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Thundershield AU - The Mighty Fall (In Love)

Thor, young and reckless God of Thunder, is accidentally thrown to Midgard during a fight, landing next to a very attractive cadet of the US Army. Their mutual crush is fast as lighting, and the Bifrost is not anymore the only magical connection between Earth and Asgard.

holy shitballs this is absolutely adorable.

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So I drew a polar bear….who turned into Steve…then I just had to add another polar bear…who became Thor. I like Thundershield bears.


Ps. I’ll be adding a coloured version when I get the chance.

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blond, shirtless heroes;

yep! this pretty much sums up the
relationship of Steve & Thor

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We’ve got some awkwardness going on here…I was trying to practice drawing different facial expressions for Thor…but I just couldn’t get his face right….so now Steve’s freaking out..


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The Winter Thunder-(ThunderShield)

"I got bored so I made this, sort of a "What if" movie type deal"

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