Thundershield Thorsday Drabble: Thorsday Date

Drabble 15.  Not beta’d. 

Pepper organised it all, a dinner on the balcony with candles and wine.

Pepper selected their clothes especially, which complimented both men’s large muscular physiques. The shirts fit so tightly over their torsos that they couldn’t keep their eyes off each other.

They ate in silence, their eyes expressing what their voices could not.

The same lustful thoughts crossed their minds as they drank the wine and took small bites of their meal. It took Thor licking his lips to end it all.

Steve threw the table and food aside and dragged Thor off his chair.

“I want you now.”

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U ever start doodlin shit u shouldn’t doodle in public.

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finally got some free time to color these dorks admiring their super-strong significant others.

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Drink Me: I will write a drabble about my character taking shots with yours.


Tony had said it could not be done, being his usual adamant self it was hardly something to be taken to heart immediately, considering the pile of things he was adamant about. Steven however was just as convinced, he had tried it for years and failed miserably, furthermore he ‘really saw no point in it, it turns people into assholes.’ 

But apparently it could be done, with a lot of effort, a deck of cards and good old solid Asgardian determination. By the time the team was slumped down in various parts of the tower ( Tony quite shamelessly splayed face first onto the kitchen floor with Bruce giggling next to him ) Natasha had decided to call it quits before she would suffer the same fate. Barton was missing for few hours now and Thor, flushed cheeks and suffering from a fit of laughter at the sound of Bruce’s gestured to the captain for a refill. 

Steven was not exactly drunk, hovered somewhere between tipsy and the edge of intoxicated, beaming from the obvious buzz tinting his cheeks a very dark crimson.

' T-This is good stuff..' he nodded ethusiastically, spilling some of the asgardian mead and making a very child-like oops face in the process.

It could not be done, not completely that was true, but about a dozen shots later it did get to the point where there were no more glasses, only fluttering stomachs and small pools of mead in Thor’s belly button. They were passed the point of causing ticklish sensation and ventured into the hazed parts of the night where instead of giggles only deep moans were heard as the captain insisted on drinking more from the god’s body. 

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Remember that thundershield pic I was working on? :D

Thor’s arms are fucked up but I don’t want to see this thing again »

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I just had the urge for some really feelsy thundershield…

feelsy thundershield is some of the best thundershield fo sho

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Cry on My Shoulder - Deutschland Sucht den Superstar

It is Bucky, it is so clearly Bucky on the screen but that is not possible. It cannot be possible because Bucky is dead. His tombstone is in the cemetery, Steve takes flowers to it every other weekend.

“Steve?” Thor looks at him, worry clear in his tone and face. Steve doesn’t know how to feel, because right there is Bucky. He is alive and dangerous. Bucky is their murderer.

“I need some air.” Steve whispers, pushing past people to get outside. He can’t breathe.

“Steve, wait!” Thor rushed after him, stepping into the elevator just in time.

“Thor, I can’t right now-“

Steve is cut off by Thor wrapping his arms around Steve, pulling him into a tight hug.

“It’s ok.” Thor whispers, tightening his hold on Steve, who finally crumbles into Thor’s embrace. Steve shuts his eyes and holds tightly onto Thor, his lifeline.

“Shhhh.” Thor mutters, resting his cheek on top of Steve’s head, saying nothing but just being there for Steve.

“It’s him Thor. It’s Bucky.” Steve’s voice is weak, a whisper and it breaks Thor’s heart.

“We’ll find him.”

“And then what?” Steve lets out a shuddering breath and how Thor wishes he could make it all ok for him.

“You’ll save him.”

There is so much faith and conviction in that one statement that it makes Steve smile as he rests his head on Thor’s shoulder.

“What if I can’t.”

“You will, and we will all be here to help you. You are not alone.”

What if guys After Cap 2…

Steve and Sam stay at hotels with like WiFi and Steve and Thor skype like all the time! 

How adorable would that be? Thor in London while Steve is at different location each time. 

And sometimes Jane and Darcy pop up to say hi in the background and Sam will do the same, and they will like talk about embarrassing things and it’ll be all fun and games all around.

I just want them to Skype. 

Thundershield PWP


Steve moaned softly, muscles playing under his skin as the the unblemished expanse of his back proved too inviting to leave alone. Thor smoothed the palm of his hand up Steve’s spine and into his hair, fingers stroking through the soft strands only for Steve to tip his head back into the caress with a breathless laugh that turned to desperate gasps a moment later.

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I guess that is why they call it the Blues

He is dead tired and all he wants is to get home, so he smiles at the flight attendant and shuffles his way to the end of the plane, where his seat is. Bucky grumbles about how far back they are and why couldn’t they get first class, while Sam is quick to remind him why. Steve chuckles and stuffs his back in the overhead compartment, before taking the window seat. He knows that Bucky wouldn’t take it, too enclosed, he would want the aisle seat, and Sam would actually sleep knowing he has the two of them on either side of him.

“How long is this flight?”

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